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Tailor Your Digital Solutions to Your Unique Industry Needs

See how you can empower your industry-specific processes with VoltusWave's tailored solutions.


Build crop management apps that monitor crop health, soil conditions, livestock tracking systems, and agricultural data analytics dashboards that provide insights into crop production and livestock management.

VoltusWave Industry - Agriculture


Create inventory management apps that optimize parts and vehicle tracking, car rental/maintenance systems that streamline vehicle rentals, maintenance schedules, and customer payments.

VoltusWave Industry - Automotive


From slick account opening portals to whizzy loan processors and intuitive budget trackers, VoltusWave lets banks build any app – customer-facing or internal – to supercharge their game!

VoltusWave Industry - Banking

Construction & Infra

Build construction project management apps that plan, schedule, and track construction projects, develop real-time project tracking systems that provide updates on progress and resource allocation.

VoltusWave Industry - Infra

Film & Media

Develop talent management platforms that streamline casting, scheduling, and payroll, and create marketing and distribution tools that optimize trailer creation, social media campaigns, and content distribution.

VoltusWave Industry - Cinema


Design customer relationship management (CRM) apps that personalize investment recommendations and portfolio management, develop financial planning tools that assist with budgeting, goal setting, and retirement planning.

VoltusWave Industry - Finance

Food Industry

Build food safety apps that automate inspections, track food origins and ingredients, and manage recalls, develop inventory management systems that optimize stock levels and create recipe management tools.

VoltusWave Industry - Food Industry


Develop load matching apps that connect shippers with carriers for efficient freight delivery, and create blockchain-powered supply chain solutions that enhance transparency and traceability.

VoltusWave Industry - Freight


Build custom game modes and levels that cater to diverse player preferences, develop player engagement systems that foster player interaction and loyalty, and create real-time gaming analytics dashboards that provide insights.

VoltusWave Industry - Gaming

Health Care & Medical

Design patient care management apps that track patient records, treatment plans, and medication adherence, develop telemedicine platforms that enable virtual consultations and remote patient monitoring.

VoltusWave Industry - Health Care and Medical

Information Technology

Design IT service management (ITSM) systems that automate IT support tickets and resolve technical issues, develop project management tools that plan, track, and manage IT projects.

VoltusWave Industry - IT


Implement production planning systems that optimize production schedules and resource allocation, develop quality control apps that automate inspections and identify potential defects.

VoltusWave Industry - Manufacturing


Build project management platforms that streamline the planning, execution, and monitoring of NGO projects, fundraising systems that automate donations and donor management.

VoltusWave Industry - NGO

Oil & Natural Gas

Develop environmental monitoring systems that measure environmental impact, and create asset management platforms that track the health and maintenance of oil and gas equipment.

VoltusWave Industry - ONG


Build clinical trial management apps that track trial progress, patient data, and regulatory compliance, develop collaboration platforms that facilitate communication and data sharing among clinical trial stakeholders.

VoltusWave Industry - Pharma

Real Estate

Design property management apps that automate tenant communications, billing, and maintenance requests, develop customer relationship management (CRM) systems that manage property listings, leads, & more.

VoltusWave Industry - Real Estate

Renewable Energy

Design energy monitoring dashboards that visualize energy consumption. Develop smart grid management apps that optimize grid operations, and create distributed energy resource (DER) management platforms.

 VoltusWave Industry - Renewable Energy


Design customer service apps that streamline customer interactions and resolve issues, develop self-service portals that empower customers to manage their accounts and services.

VoltusWave Industry - Tele communication


Develop route optimization apps that identify the most efficient routes for freight and passenger transportation, real-time tracking tools that provide up-to-the-minute updates on vehicle locations.

VoltusWave Industry - Transportation


Build itinerary planning apps that create customized travel plans based on individual preferences, develop customer relationship management (CRM) systems that manage customer interactions, loyalty programs.

VoltusWave Industry - Travel

Choose a solution that can accommodate your business's growth and adapt to changing needs.

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