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Forget coding woes and unlock endless possibilities. VoltusWave Apps let you customize ClickUp for any project or team, no technical skills required. Streamline workflows, boost collaboration, and watch your productivity soar!

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Stop Coding. Start Installing.

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Sales CRM

VoltusWave equips your sales team with an extensive array of tools, enabling them to sell.

IT Asset Management_VW_V01.jpg

IT Asset Management

Streamline IT asset management and compact efficiency with VoltusWave ERP solution.

Sprint Management_VW_V01.jpg

Sprint Management

Users can easily initiate, organize sprint cycles, allocate tasks, and monitor progress.

Customer Help Desk_VW_V01.jpg

Customer Help Desk

Empower efficient ticket management, allocation, resolution, tracking.



Effectively organize your financial operations, monitor payables, & efficiently manage bills.



Effectively set your goals with greater visibility and track progress using notifications.

Procurement cloud_VW_V01.jpg

Procurement Cloud

Streamline IT asset management and compact efficiency with VoltusWave ERP solution

Product Management_VW_V01.jpg

Product Management

Unify product lifecycle and improve productivity with VoltusWave ERP solution.

Project Management_VW_V01.jpg

Project Management

VoltusWave empowers users through the entire project lifecycle, from initiation till execution.

Case Management_VW_V01.jpg

Case Management

Effortlessly handle IT incidents & provide centralized logging, prioritization.



VoltusSprint offers end-to-end attendance management, policy development.



Simplify employee compensation management, salary disbursement.

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