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Rule Your Workflows, Rule Your Business

Take the reins of your operations with VoltusWave Workflow Engine. Define custom workflows triggered by any event, and let automation handle the rest. Free up your team, optimize resource allocation, and scale with confidence. VoltusWave - your control center for a streamlined, agile, and unstoppable business.

VoltusWave Workflow Engine

VoltusWave wide range of workflows to see how automation can improve efficiency.

Workflows on Data Access

Streamline data management with automated workflows for adding, updating, or deleting records in your apps.

VoltusWave Workflow Engine
VoltusWave Workflow Engine

Approvals Workflow

Forget clunky approval processes. VoltusWave empowers you to define and trigger workflows for any imaginable approval scenario, ensuring smooth collaboration and timely decisions.

Payment Workflow

VoltusWave enables integration with multiple payment gateways. You can configure gateway-specific workflows that trigger upon user payment.

VoltusWave Workflow Engine
VoltusWave Workflow Engine

Custom Buttons

Custom buttons allow you to create user-friendly workflows.


Stay updated with automated notifications Set up workflows that send emails, SMS, and mobile notifications based on various actions. Keep yourself and your users informed and up to date. Customize your workflows to show a success message or redirect to a URL.

VoltusWave Workflow Engine

Automate repetitive tasks with VoltusWave Workflow Engine

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